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around the world and back again

Part of my new years resolution was to start blogging…so here i go..starting with the most significant event of our new year- our trip to Japan.  We had such a wonderful time and I feel like God could not have blessed it any more fully.  We had wonderful family time (family pictures to come) , wonderful sight-seeing time, and sweet fellowship time with the believers that are a part of Danny’s parent’s church.  


The advantage of family reunions is that you immediately have built in babysitters, so Danny and I got to do a few things just the two of us. One very cold, rainy day we got to go see the Japanese elementary school that Danny attended in 6th grade.  The principal of the school ended up looking up Danny’s picture in their old year book, and sitting down with us (over hot green tea, of course) to talk about how things used to be when Danny was a student.  I, not knowing the language, just smiled and nodded alot.  We took our shoes off (as is custom in schools) and toured the very cold (they don’t heat the hallways in schools) school.  It was lots of fun to walk down memory lane with Danny.