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Made it (Barely) to Florida

First I want to say that I am blown away by the way God Provides.  These last days before moving to Florida we had no money and no way to rent our truck. The day before we needed it God provided and so we were able to rent a 16 foot budget truck and we packed that thing as tight as it gets.  Unfortunately it had a bad tire so in Raleigh NC we had a blow out.  It  went flat while we were parked so that was a good thing.  Budget came out and fixed it and I drove through the night (9 hours straight) and made it to Florida safe and sound. Thank you God. We couldn’t have done it without Betsy (Kimberly’s amazing sister) who helped poor pregnant mommy drive our Mini-Van.

We are staying with my sister Sara-Beth and her family ( Her husband Eric is one of my good friends (I hooked them up) and they have three beautiful girls.   It has been great so far.  All of us (10 people) crammed inside a small house makes for some interesting stories.  We hope to find a home sometime in the next month and move in by September 1st before Benjamin Zion comes on September 18th.  Please pray for that…  It is hot here, we miss Newark like cray, but we are so thankful for God’s leading and know that He is in control.  We don’t know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future and He is a good God who loves his kids even more than I love mine.

Katy-Grace keeps us laughing as we travel with her fun faces. It helps offset the stress (That she usually causes) Children are a blessing.