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BZ in Da House!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is our 6 year anniversary today and I am sitting here in the hospital looking at my new son Benjamin Zion. I still can not believe we have 4 kids.  He is so precious and I am so thankful that God has brought this little guy into our family to join His plan in redeeming this world through His covenant promises being fulfilled in and through His blood-bought people, and that includes Benjamin.  As I look at this new life that has come into this broken world, part of me is scared, yet part of me is strangely hopeful.  I wonder what Joseph though as he looked at Jesus after He was born.  I am sure he had no idea what was going to happen, but he believed the promise that God was providing a Savior and was in the process of making everything broken in the world right through that little frail baby.   As I look at my son, whom I know has the potential to add to the brokenness of this world, I can not help but pray that Jesus will work in his heart and use him, even in his weakness, for God’s glory and to join his Savior in this amazing redemption story.  Welcome son into this world, we love you so much!