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Iverson Update (September)

Well, September has come and gone and brought us some big news! Another Iverson and a boy at that!  God is so good and we are praising Him for His faithfulness as we look at this new covenant child He has brought into our family.  Starting with this blog post we will be creating a short update video about our family each month. Enjoy, and thank you for all the prayers and support  for us as we study and prepare for the future God is leading us to.  Below are some of the highlights.


Losing (or gaining) my mind

An update on Danny’s seminary training

Article Image It has been a challenge adjusting to a new way of life here in school.  Some days I have to read nearly 100 pages.  But I have been learning so much and feel like I am going deeper with Jesus than ever before as I study His Word and seek to know His ways. Sometimes it is like drinking out of a fire hydrant, but it has been so good for my heart and mind.  God continues to stretch me as I read, write and learn from the awesome men of God teaching us.  Click here to learn more about Reformed Theological Seminary.


Watch Iverson Kids

Interact with their new brother

Article Image The kids love their new brother.  They play well with him and so far they haven’t hurt him too badly.  It is fun to watch the ways each of them respond to the new member of the household.


How is Mommy doing?

I miss Newark. I miss teaching those precious kids about their Savior. I miss practicing Bible verses over and over with them. I miss their smiles, their energy, I even miss the chaos.  But I also see how God has gone before us here in Florida. He has provided SO faithfully and in every area imaginable…from the perfect home in the perfect location, to excellent doctors for us and our kids, to friends, to homeschool groups, and more.  God clearly came here before us and prepared the way. I look at all these things and they remind me that the Lord truly called us here…yes, even to suburbia (as much as I prefer the ‘hood). I can’t see it yet, but I have to trust that the Lord is going to use us here. My prayer is that as we cultivate relationships with the other seminary students that He will will begin forming a team to return to Newark with us to carry on the work already started.  We are surrouned by tons of Christian resources and ministries to equip me to be a better wife, mother, educator, and Christian laborer. As much as my antsy pants wants to be DOING, I must sit myself still in order to learn and absorb so that we return to Newark refreshed, equipped, and “poured into” in order to pour our lives out again for our beloved family there.


Join our team!

We still need a few more friends and family members to join our support team.  Danny is working 20-25 hours a week consulting for Safe Haven, working as a security guard, and interning for the president of the school. He is also studying and in class nearly 40 hours per week.  Please consider helping support us as we desire to get through school as fast as possible and get back to Newark to continue to serve the city we love. School is expensive and so is food for six…

Safe Haven has created a webpage if you would like to contribute.

Click Here to check it out.