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My Blog has Resurrected!! (3 years and a couple babies later)

After several years, a couple of babies, and a move to Florida, my blog is finally being resurrected.  Jesus was in the grave three days, well, my blog was in the grave for three years.  But just as the Lord can restore what has been lost, hopefully my blog will be restored for good.

I had originally started blogging in Newark, NJ, while we were laboring and ministering to the poor, broken, and marginalized of the city (which is basically ALL of the city)**.  I started it to chronicle some of our CRAZY adventures, and to give me a place to sort through the immense suffering, pain, and brokenness that I experienced and witnessed on a daily basis.

Now we live in suburBLAHia. Not too many crazy adventures here, folks…

BUT, God has definitely called us to this season, and He has purposes for us here and maybe, just maybe, they might be worth chronicling.

If, for nothing else, I can chronicle the lives of my children and our family life…because I know that one of the reasons that the Lord removed us from the craziness of inner city life was so that I could really “get down to business” in raising them and having them be my number one ministry.

I also realized, being the intelligent person that I am, that trying to keep up with four children’s baby books is slightly absurd. (It was an epiphany I had when I had returned from a four hour baby book camp out at Starbucks and Danny asked, “So are you all caught up?” and I said “Yes!! Well at least up to October…” and it was February) I treasure my baby book that my mother made for me, so I had been determined to keep up with them for my children…but if we have as many children as we hope God gives us, there comes a point when you’ve just gotta streamline. Work smarter not harder.  So, kiddos, consider these chronicles your baby books all wrapped up into one..always accessible, via the world wide web. Sorry, Benjamin…

**note-most of my older posts don’t have pictures now because when my old blog died, we were only able to save the writings, not the pictures… at least we were able to salvage something…