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Japan Update from My Dad!

Note*  My Dad is  a Pastor in Japan in Chiba.  My Family is safe and theey are desperately rallying the church to help with relief.  Read update below…

5:36 pm  #2
Just now, 2.5 hours later, huge fire we can see in the petrol/chemical factories along the bay.

Now, big tremor, about the 5th time… going outside (not as big as first)… okay it stopped.

we are getting some folks and vans ready to go help somewhere if we can, hard hit coastal areas to the northeast, if needed tonight or tomorrow.

We keep praying for God to send whatever needed to “shake” Japan and wake up Japan from their spiritual slumber.  May this be used for his glory.  God is so big, and powerful.  We are feeling these huge tremors 200 miles away from the epicenter.  incredible.

We are used to earthquakes… Japan is used to them… part of daily life here… but not one like this.


5:15 pm Family and friends, this was the biggest earthquake in our 24 years that we felt… went on and on and on… everyone ran out of the church building and school, and the ground shook so much … could not believe it.  I drove around the neighborhood… all houses standing.  but chiba coast had tusnamis. so, we are waiting to see how we can help… open our building for people, whatever.   North east Japan very hard hit, huge tsunami washing away bridges and boats and buildings.  More later.