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Detailed Update from My Dad on the Front lines

#6: IverUpdate      Mar. 15, 2011    12:30pm  Japan Time

* Carol interviewed on NPR.  A Christian AP correspondent had done the telephone interview.
The portion NPR used on this NPR podcast will be interesting to you.

* Safe, 1st trip to devastated area with needed supplies; 18 hrs up and back. Exhausted.

Displaced people stunned, cold, tired, but most desperate for water. Very thankful.

* Sent two more trucks north last night as people flee south.
Sent a second supply truck at midnight last night and a 3rd supply truck at 2am, to miss traffic.
No traffic, Smooth, fast. Up 4.5 hrs.  Home 9 hours in daylight.  (We did this after Kobe earthquake 15 years ago).

Pray for safety, as there is much concern about another tsunami (aftershocks), and about
the now 4th nuclear reactor problem .

Please pray for a productive trip, and that the team can really help with the
physical and spiritual needs of the people they meet.

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