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Headed to Japan

I am heading to Japan to help my dad’s church with the task of bringing the whole Gospel to the Japanese people in this hard time.  We are going to minister to minds, hearts and souls as we provide for basic human needs and share the hope we have in Jesus.

We have four people going who all have been to Japan, can speak Japanese, and have a deep heart for Japan to know Jesus.  Plane tickets are cheap right now ($1,000 round trip)  and we already purchased them.  We have also already had an additional $7,000 in gifts come in!  God is good.

We are bringing heavy duty and portable water purification systems that my uncle developed that can clean 15 gallons of water/minute.   The rest of the funds are going to supplies, truck rentals, gas and other things people need there for us to deliver.  We will most likely be on one of the many recon teams going out to smaller cities that have not received much help yet.

We will be bringing food, blankets, medical supplies etc.,  purifying water and sharing the Word (the purest water for the soul). We have a doctor on our team now too so we will be able to give medical assistance as needed.

We are leaving Monday morning and have quite a few needs…

We are leaving Monday morning and have quite a few needs the biggest being prayer (see prayer needs below).  By God’s Grace a local Florida non-profit Ministry called JS Resources has graciously agreed to process all donations admin costs free.  That means 100% of check donations will be able to be directly delivered to the local church in Japan.  So if you are planning to give to help Japan this is really the best way… to go through us so that your gift gets maximize and gets directly in the hands of the local Church and people who need it most.  Wouldn’t it be neat if we could bless the church with a $10,000 gift.  We are also bringing tons of tools for sharing the Gospel.  Campus Crusade is right here in town so I am getting as many resources in Japanese (Jesus films, tracts, etc…) as we can take, so feel free to give toward that need as well.

We really feel passionate about bringing over as many Gospel resources as we can to distribute and empower the local Church to participate in the great harvest of souls we are anticipating in light of this disaster. The Japanese people need to hear good news and our Savior Jesus has brought us the best news of all.  We are looking forward to sharing it…

How to help

  1. Pray (see below)
  2. Give (See Below)
  3. Stay Connected and spread the word about our mission.  I will be updating frequently from Japan with prayer requests and updates of the mission.

Twitter: @dannyiverson | FaceBook | Kimberly’s Blog:

Prayer needs


  • Pray that God will open hearts to the Gospel and be preparing each person we will share with
  • Pray that God will protect the Japanese people (and us) from the possible radiation.  (We are going to be about 30 miles from the nuclear reactor in question)
  • Pray that a Gospel Tsunami of grace and truth with sweep over the nation, crushing unbelief as it brings healing and life as opposed to death and destruction. That God’s Glory will literally cover the nation of Japan like a flood.
  • Pray that we won’t have any struggles bringing into the country all the stuff we are bringing.  Right now the water purifiers we are bringing are weighing in 10 lbs over the limit. Pray Delta will let it slide. We are calling them today.

Our Team

  • Pray for our hearts to be filled with the compassion of Jesus for our broken neighbors.
  • Pray for strength as I lead this trip and organize the efforts  when we get there.
  • Pray for wisdom as we will be helping people 30 miles from the malfunctioning reactor
  • Pray for team unity and gracious hearts
  • Pray all of our Japanese will come alive and we will be able to articulate the Gospel clearly and effectively to the lost
  • Pray God will bring all the funds we need and what He wants us to bless the local Churches we help with.


  • Pray for my family as I say goodbye and entrust them to God.  This is the hardest part for me.
  • Pray also I will do well on my exams this week in the midst of all the planning
  • Pray my heart will delight in the LORD! The God of my salvation!

To help send us and give toward supplies

By Credit Card or Paypal

***Note: Not set up to be tax deductible (yet)

By Check (Is Tax deductible)
Step 1 – Email me and let me know it is coming and how much so we can count on it:

Step 2. Mail Checks made payable to

JS Resources, Inc.
844 Maraval Court
Longwood, FL 32750

JS resources is a 501 c 3 and all donations are a tax deduction.

They have graciously agreed to process all checks for this trip free of admin fees. 100% of your donation will go to Tsunami Relief.

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  • Dorcas McClintock on March 19, 2011

    Hi Danny,
    Dorcas here, from highschool. I just read that you are looking for stories, not sure if this is what you are looking for. Or even if you are still looking. It sounds like you might already have your itinerary planned out. But people have been writting me and telling me to write you. My parents live in Karuizawa at the momment. They have been running the language shcool for in coming missionaries and also are in charge of TEAMs vacation cabins and retreat center. They have been contacted and asked to take in refugees from fukushima. Two days ago they recieved the first of many refugee families to come. Right now they are in the prosess of buying items in aticipation of the families to come. Our local nuclear plant from the state of Washington is sending donations to my parents to help cover some of the cost. Also missionaries from tokyo are sending clothes to my parents for the families coming in. If you want to know more let me know. Otherwise know that i am praying for your team and for the preparation of the people you will have the opportunity to share the Gospel with, wish i was going.