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Another Update from my Dad and Mom.

#7 Japan IverUpdate    Mar. 16    10am  Japan time (13 hrs ahead of east coast time)

Dear Family and friends,
Thank you so much for praying!  We have been going north to help where we can, and just a few minutes ago, we located a Japanese pastor, a good friend of ours, who is just 8km outside the evacuation zone, in a city with over 5,000 evacuees who are receiving very little govt assistance.  We are mobilizing today for a trip tonight to take as much as we are able.  The critical need is gasoline to get there, water, and diesel fuel for those there who could help but don’t have any way to transport help.  We particularly need gas cans to transport the gas…all supplies of everything here in Chiba are gone because of panic (grocery shelves empty, gas lines for hours, all containers for water, gas, etc. GONE).  Just yesterday our MTW team in Nagoya began mobilizing to bring abundant supplies from there, but we just learned that in the last 12 hours, the same panic response has left them in the same situation.  We trust the LORD will supply as we go out today to gather what is needed.  Please pray for this effort…this pastor and his church are committed to stay until the end for their city and the glory of God; may God be exalted!
In the strength of our Sovereign,
Carol (helping Dan with email tsunami)