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Japan Acts

A great letter from Gary Kline, a fellow missionary in Japan who has been helping spearhead organization.  Please read and pray!

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Praises that progress is being made by us and the Christian organizations who’ve partnered to bring relief to the victims of the earthquake! Yesterday, we took a survey trip around the heart of the areas devastated by the tsunami. There is no water, gas, electricity, food, nor hope. I have both positive and heartbreaking stories to share from the experience, but just know that God is good and He is in control. We now have a better perspective of the situation, and we are all very safe.

Last night, we met with 30 area pastors to discuss the needs and how our Christian efforts can rally together to meet those needs immediately. I, along with a team of helpers, will be building a website where churches will be able to post their needs and where organizations can work directly with them to help. This is a huge undertaking and one for which I need God’s strength and wisdom to accomplish. Ellissa is working as a volunteer to load and unload supply trucks that come to the MeySen Academy storehouse which is the central distribution point for this area. Our spirits are high as we see the fruit of this labor of love.

We do not regret our decision to remain with the millions of people hurt by this disaster. Our team leaders felt that it would be best to evacuate the women & children for safety’s sake, but that was not an option for us. With our family separated at this time, we could not immediately comply with the evacuation order. Please pray as our leadership team make decisions about our future working relationship that it would be in alignment with God’s calling and edifying for the Kingdom.

Weiling, Julina, and Aaron are still safely ensconced in Karuizawa which runs on a different power grid from the metro Tokyo area and has not experienced any disruption in daily life. Thank you so much for all of your personal emails letting us know you are praying. We love each and every one of you.

The Klines