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While you've been gone….

Hey Danny,

It’s been hard to get a real conversation in while you’ve been gone,  but I thought I could at least update you on the backyard Bible club that we ran last week.  I know you are working so hard to bring the Gospel message to Japan, and we’ve been working hard to bring it to the kids in Oviedo, FL.  Two very different mission fields, same goal.  That Jesus might be exalted.

You know, honey, when I was writing up the lesson plans for the week, I felt like there was going to be some big attack on it.  I even wrote to Katie (who was doing this with me) “As I was finishing typing up the lesson plans, I just felt so burdened that there is going to be a spiritual battle going on over this club. Please be praying with me that the LORD would reign and that the enemy will be on a tight leash.” When the Japan trip came up and all the emotions with it, I thought “I’m not going to be able to do this emotionally!”  But I recalled that burden, and I knew it was a “warning” from the Holy Spirit that I would want to cop out, to postpone, to do things according to my convenience, but I needed to persevere.  I’m so glad we did!  Being busy with my own “mission” has helped me not miss you so much, our kids got to be part of the mission and prayed every day for more kids to come and learn about Jesus, and we all had a lot of fun. I know little lives were touched-both the neighborhood kids and the kids of the mamma’s who ran it.  (Thanks SO much Katie, and Sara-Beth, and Crystal and Brooke).  And most of all I’m glad we did it because the Word of God was planted in the hearts and minds of these kids, and THAT’S an investment that ALWAYS yields fruit…

Here’s a little recap of the week, based on pictures..

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I have some hilarious videos of the kids doing motions to the songs, but I couldn’t get them to post…when you get home you can see them…(and maybe you can put them on You Tube for Aunt Betsy to see)

I love you and miss you and can’t WAIT to see you!