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From the Mouths of Babes…

Daniel Josiah was the most amusing person to talk to today. First, in the car, today he made the insightful comment:

Mommy, the desert is the first hottest place in the whole earth.  Second is Florida.

Then later in the day…

Daniel Josiah had found a nice round rock and showed it to me this morning. Our conversation about it went like this:

Daniel Josiah:  “Look at the rock I found, Mommy!”

Mommy:  “Cool!  We’ll have to look in our rock book and figure out what kind of rock it is! Maybe it is a sedimentary….”

Daniel Josiah cuts in: “Its a David and Goliath rock, the kind that David killed Goliath with.”

Mommy:  “But of course!  What was Mommy thinking?!?”

When Daniel Josiah hits third grade, we’ll worry about him knowing the three types of rocks.  For now, the fact that all things are being assessed in light of God’s Word is way more important than sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic.