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An Isaac experience….

I don’t know if it was just God testing my willingness, or what, but Terry and Murray STILL haven’t come to stay with us. When I wrote the Unexpected Guests post, they were schedule to move their stuff in in the next day or so, but something always came up.  Whenever they were suppose to come, they’d call and tell us they weren’t coming after all. They had a late night church function here, or Danny and I were going to be away until late a couple of evenings, and then Terry got an overnight temp job.  So they are STILL living out of their truck. Let me tell you, its 98 degrees today and 100 % humidity.  We’ve seen them several times and talked to them on the phone a bunch and they actually seem very content with life as it is.

This is the second time THIS month that we’ve been rejected by someone homeless.  Chris, a homeless guy, who came to try to re-enroll at RTS several months ago (he’s a BRILLIANT man, but seems to be too smart for his own good and has been homeless for the past seven years, walking clear across the United States hitting up every major seminary-no one will let him in because he doesn’t have any ID) was suppose to start staying with us Memorial Day weekend. But the day he was suppose to come to our house, he got upset with the couple he HAD been staying with and then left town.  We haven’t been able to find him at all.

We’ve NEVER had this happen before…Its usually us turning down the next homeless person knocking at the door, instead of having a vacant room and looking for someone to fill it.

As I was thinking about this conundrum, I realized that maybe God just wanted to test our willingness, just like he did to Abraham and then give our home back to us just like He gave Abraham’s son back to him (Gen 22).  I don’t know.  I do feel God’s grace in it, because He knows how much work raising four small children is, and He also knows how much MORE work taking two people and two large dogs in would be.  As for now, I will just continue to lay my life (and my home) out as a sacrifice and be ready for the ways God sees fit to use it.