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From the Mouths of Babes…Clever little Katy-Grace

A few weeks ago Katy-Grace started some sort of role-playing scenario in an attempt to get her way…

First, she wanted to go down the big slide at camp a couple of weeks ago…”IIIIII BIG girl!” she repeatedly says…and of course, after we climb the stairs, I slide down to catch her at the bottom, and am ready for her, she starts crying because she’s scared…. Maybe not THAT big of a girl.

Then, during one of Daddy’s talks at the camp I told her she couldn’t have any more crackers because they were for Benjamin, and she says “IIIIII baaaabyyyyy!” (in a her high pitch voice).  Make up your mind, child. Big girl or baby?

This past week, she got even more crafty.  When Daniel Josiah had a friend over and they were diligently building Lego kingdoms, I told her she couldn’t go in the boys room. Then she exclaimed at the top of the stairs “IIIIII DEEEE Jaaayyyy”  Are you sure?, because last time I checked DJ didn’t have crazy curly hair and a voice so high that it could break glass.

And finally, I caught Katy-Grace rummaging through my purse and that only means one thing.  She was on the prowl for gum.  I told her she couldn’t have any gum and she looked up with her big brown eyes and said (again in her shrill voice)  “IIIIII Moooomeeeeee.”

She’s a smart cookie. that one. In her two-year old brain she really thought that she could play Mommy for a bit so she could chew gum. The past year this child has given me a run for my money.  She’s pushed me to my limits, which then pushed me to my knees in prayer.  Finally, we’re seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and she’s become an adorable joy whose fire and energy only occasionally drive me crazy now.

Here’s a few shots that attempt to capture her spunk: