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For My Baby Boy-Benjamin Zion

Today I pulled out Benjamin’s “Baby’s First Year” calendar.  I had to peel it from the shelf because somehow, in the past SEVEN MONTHS and the heat and humidity of the summer,  it had adhesed to the shelf.  I hadn’t written in it since January or put a picture in it since November of last year.  Poor kid.  All the other kids have these elaborate baby books, but it kinda defeats the purpose of having a “First-Year” calendar if it takes over half a year to write in it.  SO, I’ve forgotten the exact date that he sat up by himself, and the exact date of when his first tooth came in, and when he first crawled. BUT he has been loved, and treasured and doted upon (sometimes a little too much) by each and every one of his family members.  So, sweet, content, baby boy, this photo albums for you.  My little Zion, I see God’s glory in you, and praise to God Most High springs from my heart when I look at you.

May this be a little “capturing” of what JOY you have brought our family these past six months….whether its in your first year calendar or not.