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From the Mouths of Babes…Katy-Grace

This child, that brings so much joy and yet, also so much angst (the things she thinks to get into!) is fully in the talking world. And with her little high pitched words, some comments can melt my heart when it has been so frustrated by her actions.

Like when she so cheerfully says,

“OK, Mommy!!!” on the fifth time I’ve asked her to do something.

or when she says,

“I’m weally sorry, Mommy!”

when she’s squeezed out all the toothpaste, or spilled her drink, or clogged the toilet with an entire roll of toilet paper.

or when she declares,

“Look, Mommy, I a mommy, Mommy!!”

while trying to help me mop by dumping two more inches of water on the floors.

or when she climbs up on my lap and says

“I love you, Mommy!”


This world of talking has definitely softened some of the “blows” she brings me in daily life. And her chatty little self will endear her to anyone,

even when she just pushed your kid over.