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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Exchanging My Agenda, for His….

I should have known this would happen. Every time I have my life strategically planned out, the Lord changes things drastically (always for the better, I might add) It happened when I was suppose to go to East Asia to labor for Him, and He rerouted us to Kazakstan. And as a result Nina is […]

God Hears, God speaks

God’s been hearing the cries for help from a desperately exhausted 8-month-pregnant mamma of four little ones.  Last week, too tired to move by the time dinner hour came along, my family’s nutritional intake was painfully lacking. Dinner Menu: Monday:free kids meals from Chic-fil-a (boy, did they lose money on THAT family night) Tuesday: bowls […]

From the mouths of babes…momentous day

Today was a momentous day. Daniel Josiah read all of Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham by himself. (Granted, it took nearly 45 minutes between frequent breaks, back scratches to keep him going, some reminding of phonics rules by his mother, and some frustration towards Trinity who would mindlessly blurt out the next word because […]

Fourteen years ago, today…

Fourteen years ago, today, when I was struggling to figure out who on earth I was, I lost from earth the woman who was helping make me who I am. And since I’m so busy raising (and growing within me) her grandchildren, I haven’t had time to really write anything to or about her, so […]

Learning to Praise Again

I learned it while watching my mother’s personality, mental stability, and  physical body be eaten by cancer. I learned it in the grief and disappointment of my prayers for her healing not having been answered. I learned it while struggling with an eating disorder, with no sign of “recovery”. I learned it in Newark while […]