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From the Mouths of Babes…cover song style

There are many a day as of late that my afternoons are spent in this position, out of sheer exhaustion…


my official pregnancy position

my official pregnancy position…not very flattering is it?

One such afternoon, Benjamin emerges from the extensive imaginative play (thank you, Lord, for my kids having good imaginations!) and starts knocking on my door. I was literally too tired to get up, unlock it and let him in (not that I would have minded him cuddling with me…I was just literally too wiped out to move)

And so after about 10 minutes of me hearing him knock, shuffle around and cram stuff under the door, he remembers a similar scene in a much beloved movie.

So he starts reenacting:


“Knock, knock”

“Elsa, you in daya”

And then the song:

“Do you want to build a snowmaaaan…

or ride our bikes around the haaaallll…

we used to be best buddies,

but now we’re not….

I wish you would tell me whyyyyy…”


(this one isn’t very clear but the only snagging I have of it on camera)


And then he says to me,

“Now, Mommy, you say, “Go away Anna”

So I do.

And He sings

“Ok, byyyyeee!”

and then he laughs, and starts the reenactment all over again.

So for the meager effort on my part to say “Go away, Anna” ever 3 minutes, I was able to buy a full 20 more minutes of resting and being off my feet…..until a real emergency erupted like the broken lamp downstairs due to the unmonitored pillow fight.

Have I told you that my Benjamin is my easily pacified child?

And that, thanks to the movie Frozen, and thanks to Mommy being too tired to care just how many times they’ve seen it, nearly everything in our lives has been turned into a musical…all to the different tunes of Frozen songs.

Sure beats a whiny voice. (I’ll take what I can get here)


Just in case you want to see the real video…not just “Benjamin’s version”