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Turmeric Latte Recipe

I debated putting this up here on Journey to Shalom… but the more I thought about it, the more I felt that this does indeed belong here, because Shalom means WHOLISTIC peace… nothing broken, nothing missing. If we are neglecting or mistreating our bodies through the food and exercise choices we are making then it […]

The Least Likely of Candidates: How to offer yourself to be used even when you are the least qualified

I straight up forgot he had school. My four year old son was running around in his underwear while I was pulling out of the driveway to take my tardy kids to school, when his carpool ride drove up. I slammed on the brakes mid-exit of driveway, put the car in park and sprinted into […]

The Sun Rises With Healing; How My Husband was Healed from Lyme Disease

It started to set in during the busiest month for a pastor, December. The constant infections, the hacking cough, the flulike symptoms. After weeks of this seemingly morphing flu/brochitis/strep throat, friends recommended going to an urgent care to get an antibiotic to “kick this thing”. His wife called the naturopath because she wanted to get […]

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