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How will these funds be used?

We recently visited Japan on a 10 day mission trip and connected with local Japanese and missionary churches in the most devastated areas. These ministries are doing amazing work and we desire to empower and assist them as they serve Japan in this great time of need. (See videos) All funds are distributed prayerfully and wisely to effective  ministries participating in full Gospel (spiritual and physical) redemption in their communities.  Funds will also be used to empower approved missions organizations sending missionaries into the devastated areas to help with relief efforts. Our desire is for the Japanese people to be blessed on the grassroots level through real people living radical lives and doing real relief effort in their communities.

How will these funds not be used?

These funds will not be used to pay someone to sit at a desk. These funds will not be used to fund a ministry’s public relations or fundraising agendas. These funds will not be used to create ministry positions. These funds will not be used to pay ministry admin overhead.