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Mouths of Babes….Malachi

They were all piled on the bed. Sprawled out during our nightly family devotions. We are reading through the Bible as a family, and we’re camped out in the book of Numbers right now. I know, I know, not exactly an attention-grabber book of the Bible for little ones. But you would be surprise, how […]

“Pride Goes Before A Fall…”

The minute the words started moving through my lips, I knew where it had come from. The rush, starting in the heart, always in the heart, moved those words, up and out just like a tidal wave moves a piece of ugly driftwood easily ashore. That momentous force that pushes those ill-timed words out, words […]

“God sent you here.”

“God sent you here.” He spoke it before a piece of furniture had been moved in, before we had a chance to get a feel for the neighborhood, before we had spent even one night in the place. Danny had gone to the house to meet the inspector so that we could move in the […]