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From the Mouths of Babes Mondays

All out bursts of laughter…softened heart by sweet words….conviction brought on by profounds sayings…. All from the mouths of babes… my babes. And if I don’t record it fast, despite it’s dearness to my heart, it will flit away.  Carried off by this absent minded-mother’s tidal wave of to-do’s, and appointments, and people’s needs that […]

Thoughts on our Japan Trip

As I watched the Church in Japan come together to serve the needs of their neighbors after the earthquake and tsunami I was amazed at the power of Jesus’ love and grace in the midst of such a tragedy.  The sacrifice and availability of God’s people was so encouraging. Denominations uniting, neighbors sharing, praying and […]

Send-off and News from Japan

***I just got off the phone with Danny.  News update and prayer requests- -Martin, the doctor on the trip is, ironically, sick with the flu and had to stay behind. Please pray for rapid recovery.  He is scheduled to rejoin the team on Saturday (our Friday) -Danny and the team were waiting in a line […]

Citizens of Another Country

Dear Wives of the other team members, family members and all who love those leaving to  go to Japan on Monday, I woke up on Thursday morning with the news that the US was calling all US officials and citizens to get out of Japan before a nuclear disaster happens.  So, on top of the […]

Japan Update from Dan Iverson

                                      This is an email that Dan (Danny’s dad) sent out on Monday.  Since then they have had several more successful trips up north, including one that united a pastor (who was stuck in Tokyo) to his […]

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