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My Sick Little Boy

“Jesus is so stwong. He is stwonger ‘dan satan. And Jesus love yittle Judah and he is wiff you. He is wiff you evewy day.” The little white-boy afro hovers over his little baby brother and sings truth to him. Truth that even this Mama needs to hear every.single.moment of these action packed, feels-like-I’m-sinking in […]

Not about the soccer schedule….

Spoke to my best friend yesterday. We didn’t shoot the breeze about our kid’s soccer teams.  Or about ballet schedules being busy.  Didn’t talk about the sale at Macy’s or about what color we will paint our kitchens. No, the mothering issues she faces are far more intense than that, for she resides in Newark, […]

Watch This!!!

He just kept bringing me there, in my quiet times with Him. Every time I sat down to listen to Him, the verse would flash through my mind. Hands would flip to it.  Eyes would once again gaze upon the words. Heart would ask questions about it. “Yes, Lord, I already know that…” “The Lord […]

Mold Remediation Plan

Life has been a whirlwind these past two weeks, and I’m working on a post documenting God’s incredible faithfulness through the Body of Christ here, but in the meantime, here is our” Mold Remediation Plan” which we are working through (we just finished #4 today). We have also moved out while we work on everything, and are […]

Mold and a Maker’s Heart Surgery

The great Heart Surgeon, has cut into the cancer of my soul, quietly growing deep within the darkness. Comparison. Self-Consciousness. Greed. Covetousness. A Hope in THINGS, above people.  A Gaze upon the standards around me, rather than the standards of heaven. A Desire to have a Pinterest home, rather than a purified heart. I love […]