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Blessings Abounding

We already have a fairly big family, and I already get lots of comments like “My, your hands are full!” when we are out in public. Well, I hate to think of the stares I’ll get when I’ve got a nice round tummy, along with the baby on the hip and a toddlers hands in […]

Daniel Josiah turns 3!!

On November 21st Daniel Josiah turned three years old. We celebrated as a family by going to Jeepers, an arcade/play place for kids.  Daniel Josiah likes it because he gets to ride the “motorcycles” and a little train that runs around the track.  On November 23rd we had a party for him with all of […]

Vastly Outnumbered

So, Trinity and I are officially vastly outnumbered in our living conditions.  We now have 5 teenage guys in addition to Daddy and Daniel Josiah who live with us. And then there are those who THINK they live with us, And then there are the friends of those who live with us, plus the friends […]