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An Update from the Field

My Cousin Matt had another successful journey delivering supplies.  Worth the read.  Please pray that we get the Water purifiers ready to go by Monday…  It looks like water is a great need. Here is his story Yesterday I had the opportunity and blessing of delivering 1000 liters of fresh water and 500 rice balls […]

An Update from my cousin. Awesome story!

My Cousin Matt works on the Chiba team in Japan. Dearest Friends and Partners in the Gospel, Please continue to PRAY for Japan! I don’t think there is any time in history where a country has suffered an earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear problems all at the same time. Our local church network has mobilized now […]

Japan Update from My Dad!

Note*  My Dad is  a Pastor in Japan in Chiba.  My Family is safe and theey are desperately rallying the church to help with relief.  Read update below… 5:36 pm  #2 Just now, 2.5 hours later, huge fire we can see in the petrol/chemical factories along the bay. Now, big tremor, about the 5th time… […]