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Thoughts from Makoto Fujimura

I read this article on By Faith Magazine…  This is just part of the article… Good perspective from an artist… ————————————————— In his book Refractions: A Journey of Faith, Art and Culture, renowned artist and PCA elder Makoto Fujimura writes that God has taught him as an artist and a follower of Christ to live […]

Another Update from my Dad and Mom.

#7 Japan IverUpdate    Mar. 16    10am  Japan time (13 hrs ahead of east coast time) Dear Family and friends, Thank you so much for praying!  We have been going north to help where we can, and just a few minutes ago, we located a Japanese pastor, a good friend of ours, who is just 8km […]

Detailed Update from My Dad on the Front lines

#6: IverUpdate      Mar. 15, 2011    12:30pm  Japan Time * Carol interviewed on NPR.  A Christian AP correspondent had done the telephone interview. The portion NPR used on this NPR podcast will be interesting to you. * Safe, 1st trip to devastated area with needed supplies; 18 hrs up and back. Exhausted. Displaced people stunned, […]

Stats on Japan’s Spiritual Situation

The stats on Japan’s spiritual poverty, and especially the affected area: The areas affected by the earthquake and tsunamis of Miyagi, Fukushima, and Ibaraki are some of the most spiritually needy places in Japan. With over 4.9 million people yet only about 9,000 active Christians (about 0.15%; about 1/6 of 1%). Fukushima has the lowest […]