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Should we Leave Japan?

Dan Iverson, a missionary with MTW, and team leader in Japan the last 25 years talks about the need and why missionaries shouldn;t leave but partner with Japan now more than ever.  To sign up to go work with Dan’s team in Japan sign up here. Should we leave Japan? MTW from Shane Burgett on […]

Danny And Bart on Channel 45

After getting back from Japan I have had so many chances to share about the amazing things God is doing there through His church as well as the many needs Japan is facing. Last Thursday, Bart and I were invited on “The Good Life” (  We were on the show for about 15 minutes or […]

Grace City in action…

One of the churches is seeking to assist and empower to do full Gospel relief efforts to the needy is Grace City Church.  They are doing some really neat things and we are excited to support them as they serve those in need by bringing the whole Gospel (physical and spiritual good news) to […]

What Radiation?

In this Video Rev. Mori from Global Mission Chapel in Iwaki talks about how God has protected His church even though they are only 18 miles from the nuclear reactor. When he was asked why he was not leaving his community like many of the other government and business elite who did, he responded that […]

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