Journey to Shalom

Longings for Peace on the road less traveled



What is “Shalom” anyway? And what is this blog about?

Shalom Means Peace … And So Much More. Shalom is the Hebrew word for holistic peace — peace that permeates every aspect of our lives and our being. It is a word used throughout scripture to describe the absolute joy, flourishing, fulfillment, and bliss found in the presence of God. It also conveys the beautiful, interdependent relationships that God’s people eternally share with Him, each other, and all of creation.

Nothing Broken… Nothing Missing… The way things are supposed to be. Shalom is what has come into the world through Christ, and is made complete when Christ returns and fully eradicates sin and death forever. God is glorified as Shalom happens. We have a mission as God’s people to discover and display the Shalom of God’s Kingdom to this hurting world by faithfully proclaiming the Gospel in WORD and DEED as we share life with our neighbors. This blog documents one Kingdom Family’s journey to Shalom…


Blog Posts

Say “Yes” to the Blessing

We had walked through our season of having a very open home, with multiple families and children living with us…. And then we were led into a much cherished reprieve from houseguests… So when my friend, Melanie, that faithful girl who cleans my kitchen EVERY Sunday after Shalom Night, needed a place to stay, I’m […]

A Willing Sacrifice…not necessarily a perfect one

Oh, Consuming Presence of God Pursue this wandering heart, no matter how far it may trod, ever-seeking glory that’s rightfully due Your Name, this fallen flesh still seeks the fame. But on this altar, here I crawl. twisted motives… deceitful desires… burn it all. The good, the bad, the disgusting, too. All can be used […]

A Mother’s Day to Remember

Its hard to believe that this happened a month ago now (and that I never actually posted about it), but now as the next one approaches this weekend we covet prayers for God to gather His people, feed His people, and refresh His people.  It wasn’t exactly a day to celebrate being a mother. But […]

The Kingdom Comes

  Commissioned to go “plant a church”…. Sent out to go “help” an impoverished, underresourced community…. Called to serve in a place that most would not choose… What does “plant a church” even mean? What are the measurable results to “show” for your work? How do  you know if you are even making a difference? […]

 But seek the Shalom of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its Shalom you will find your Shalom.”

Jeremiah 29:7

Meet the Authors

Danny and Kimberly Iverson

Danny and Kimberly

Danny and Kimberly Iverson met while in college and fell in love 3 years later while Danny was running an inner city ministry in Newark, NJ. Their hearts for the poor and marginalized of society, and the conviction of God’s love and redemptive purposes for such places, drew them together on mission and continues to be a driving force as they follow God’s calling to plant a church in Grove Park that is focused on reconciliation and renewal. They love being on mission with their family of six children, Daniel Josiah, Trinity, Katy-Grace, Benjamin Zion, Malachi, and Judah. They currently live in Atlanta, GA and are running a house church in their home while sharing life with their amazing neighbors and community members. Sign up to receive their newsletter.


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