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Help Support Tara Thompson’s Mission to Newark

Tara Thompson is a student very committed to coming to Newark and serving the kids of the community this summer.

Here’s a blurb from her support letter.

“The first time I stepped into the Housing Projects of Newark, New Jersey I knew I had been completely mistaken in what I had expected. Some of my expectations were accurate of course, it was very poor looking, there were win- dows that were cracked and broken, trash scattered everywhere you turned, and everything seemed to be withering, all the doors, stairs, etc.. However, what I hadn’t expected was the laughter I heard when I entered into the court- yard, laughter that was so innocent and beautiful! It was then, when I saw these beautiful, innocent children laugh- ing as they threw snow balls at each other, that I could take a sigh of relief. Despite the sadness, and the living con- ditions, there was laughter, which meant there was hope.”

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Here’s Tara Thompson’s support letter.  It is an awesome letter and so inspiring. So support her if you can to help her reach her fundraising goal by Clicking Below.