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Most devastating video I’ve seen yet..

This video is shocking, probably the most vivid footage I have seen.  We were in this city helping when we went in March.  There is such a need right now in Japan for the Gospel… Click here if you want to go help

Not just another tsunami video! This is the most dramatic video of this event.

Entitled: “South Sanriku — Tsunami seen from Shizugawa High School”.

It’s shot from high ground, but toward the end of the video you can see panicked residents running for their lives.  Almost as dramatic as the video is its audio track, where even if you don’t speak Japanese, you can tell the people are expressing concern at the beginning, but by the end, their voices have reached a high level of panic and horror as they watch their homes washing away.  This is an incredible and gripping sight – in a case like this, you do need to leave every possession behind and just try to save your life!