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Day 4: “Ever-Present Shalom”

In this broken and lacking world there are a lot of things to feel anxious about. Anxiety is the opposite of peace, and rips into anything good, beautiful or true that God wants to manifest in our lives. The debilitating worries of life easily consume our hearts and minds and we feel afraid and can’t stop thinking the worst about what could happen in our day-to-day challenges. It’s hard to sleep or rest or even smile. Our anxiety tears us apart, so much so that we desperately try to find peace and escape anxiety through our numbing addictions and by trying to change our hard circumstances with the world’s resources or ideas. But the peace the world gives us is temporary and fake, and in the end leaves us more anxious and disappointed.

Day 3: “Shalom in the Flood”

It is comforting and assuring to know that God is greater than the floods that have the potential to drown us. He is bigger than the biggest problems we face personally or corporately, and His sovereign command over all things is ultimately aimed at blessing us, even in the flood moments when it feels like we are going to drown. Do we really believe that? Do we really believe that even the floods He allows to figuratively “cover our world” might actually be there to cleanse, purify and nurture new growth for the sake of our ultimate holistic flourishing?