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Iverson’s on Sabbatical

Sabbatical…..  yes this is true.  Our board and various other leaders in my life have decided to send us on a 6 week sabbatical to write, rest, reconnect as a family and seek fresh vision and direction from the LORD.  We will be in Virginia for two weeks with Kimberly’s father and then go up […]

Thoughts from the Hospital

I don’t always understand why things happen the way they do and why God has allowed me to go through what I have been through these last 2 months. I might never fully get it this side of eternal glory…  I do want to share with you dear friends some of the things I am […]

A Cry for the FATHER

As I walked around the table talking to kids during summer camp I was amazed at the feeling of family I felt. There was so much joy in the room, such unity and order.  Our kids are changing for the better.  I am witnessing the amazing fruit of the Gospel seeds that have been planted […]

Church Getting Robbed Tonight

Hello everyone…. Yes it is Christmas morning 2 am and I haven’t slept… can’t sleep… We have been getting hit with lots of robberies at our Church from young gang members in the community. More and more attacks seem to come as we push hard against the foundations of so much evil that this community […]

Rebuild the Temple

Dear fellow supporters of the redemption in Newark. The sanctuary of Trinity Reformed Church has scaffolding lining the walls and is ready for insulation and sheet rock.  The rebuilding of this leaky 134 year old sanctuary has been a long time coming and now by God’s grace and the many volunteers who have come (and Paul Nulton) we have […]

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