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An economy of hopelessness

Below is a poem I wrote yesterday when I as in bed.  I just got my tonsils removed.  man it hurts. This has nothing to do with that but everything to do with  what I have been thinking in the midst of all things that have been happening in our lives in this community.  This will be a song someday as soon as I get my voice back.

Once again I spread my legs

To any lover who says they’ll pay

But their currency is worth nothing in an economy of hopelessness

I try to spend it, try and make it last

But it buys me things that fade so fast

This temporary fix will have to do in an economy of hopelessness

I use the senses that you created

To try and create a sense of purpose

But everything stinks of rotting flesh in this economy of hopelessness.

I use this body to numb the feeling

That there’s something more, something worth believing

A different kingdom that’s coming to replace this economy of hopelessness

Its just so hard to see when your watching from the bleachers

All the airplane crashers and the TV Preachers

They say they found the reason that we were given life

And they’ll rip each others heads off just prove that they are right.

They spend millions building shopping malls and call them their churches

But they’re really just places for your next religious purchase.

The whore on the corner marvels at the sight

Then walks away sadly to find a warm place for the night

Once again I spread my legs

To any lover who is willing to pay

But then I burn the money to keep me warm

Cause there’s no heat in this abandoned apartment

There’s no heat anywhere

I just want meaning, that’s all I really want

I just want love without a price tag on it.

I just want purpose that is deeper than my addictions

I just want to not feel thirsty anymore

If every sunrise brings us hope that light can shine in our darkest moments

That healing comes when we see our sickness

That freedom comes when we see our bondage

That salvation was made for all the hopeless

Then let your sun rise in my darkness

Bring your healing to my sickness

Set me free from these chains of bondage

Bring me hope through your salvation