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A Love Song

The Love Song Based off the book, Song of Solomon. (Chorus) 2:7 Do not waken love Till it so desires, till it so desires Vs.1 All the love around me Are thorns that bring me pain  (2:2) But when your love surrounds me I sit beneath your shade (2:3) When you kiss me It’s like […]

Shining Shells and Cheap Cologne

Ok, here is another song that kind goes along with what i wrote last week.  It is about how we naturally put forth our best face and try to hide our weaknesses and failures cause we don’t want people to know how bad we really are. We all do it and I think if we […]

An economy of hopelessness

Below is a poem I wrote yesterday when I as in bed.  I just got my tonsils removed.  man it hurts. This has nothing to do with that but everything to do with  what I have been thinking in the midst of all things that have been happening in our lives in this community.  This […]