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Mayor Cory Booker at Trinity Reformed Church

Cory Booker and his whole entourage came to our church yesterday to have “open office hours’.  It was quite the ordeal.  A few hours before he was to arrive, tons of police brought dogs throughout our church to make sure there were no bombs in it, two major news channels stationed themselves in front of our house and the place was brimming with people dressed in business suits. 


Cory Booker is truly a phenomenal man.  For five hours straight he met with people individually to listen to their cares and concerns…whether it being frustrated that rumble strips had been placed on her street, or concern over recent shootings, or drunk men coming in to ask for a job, or old ladies asking for kisses, he graciously listened and truly problem solved with his team afterwards (except for the kissing request…) The good thing about being the pastor and pastor’s wife is, Danny and I got to be their for the debrief, hence the picture


We are truly blessed that such a God-fearing and dynamic leader has been placed in authority over our city.  I truly believe that God is working a work of restoration here and He’s using little ministries like Safe Haven, and powerful positions such as the Mayor’s and his team to bring about that change.