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In Times of Plague… Perfect Love casts out fear

Living Room Worship is in full effect. Every Sunday at 11:00 am tune in at to join the Iversons in their living room for worship and time in the word and prayer. If anyone wants to give, 100% of everything is going toward our Emergency Relief Fund to help those most desperate in our […]

From the Mouths of Babes Mondays

All out bursts of laughter…softened heart by sweet words….conviction brought on by profounds sayings…. All from the mouths of babes… my babes. And if I don’t record it fast, despite it’s dearness to my heart, it will flit away. ¬†Carried off by this absent minded-mother’s tidal wave of to-do’s, and appointments, and people’s needs that […]

Christmas Riches, Almost Missed…

This year we had every excuse in the book not to do it. We had tons of family coming into town for the holidays. We already would have a full house. I’m pregnant (and tired!) with baby #5. We have four little rascals running around. We already have one international student living with us. Money’s […]

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