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Happy 6 month birthday, Benjamin!!

(I started this post last week, before the whirlwind of the Japan trip started, but I thought I’d post it anyways.  Benjamin is getting baptized this Sunday before Danny leaves, because we just don’t know what is going to happen)

My sweetest little baby boy,

I can’t believe you are already 6 months today. You are such an incredibly joy, little man. We named you Benjamin Zion for a reason. Benjamin meaning “son of my right hand” and God promises to hold us up with His right hand.  Zion, because it is God’s dwelling place, where He reigns, it is his resting place, “praise awaits God in Zion”. I believe God’s already growing you into your name. Your contentment and peace could only come from God reigning in you and over you.  Your sweet placid spirit is a breath of refreshment from the Lord in the chaos of all your siblings.  You are truly a gift, sweetie. It has been so fun to see you developing already.  I love watching you grab for things and immediately  try to get them into your mouth.  I love how you turn yourself in circles and try to fly when I put you on your tummy.  I love hearing your laugh. I love it when you stick out your little tongue.  I love your little grin. I love your two dimples. I love watching your older siblings dote on you, protect you, and run to fetch you toys.  I love hearing Trinity jump into a rousing round of “Jesus Loves Me!” for you when you start to cry. I love it when you fall asleep in my arms.  I love your little finger sucking.  I love it when you light up when I walk into the room. I love it when your lower lip turns out when you are sad and about to cry. I love your little murmurings and cooings. I love it how you squeeze my finger so tight it feels like you’re cutting off the circulation. I love your chunky little legs, and the fat rolls over your knee caps (they’re somewhere under there). I love that you’re a boy and that Daniel Josiah has such wonderful plans for the two of you.  I am so incredibly thankful for your life, and so grateful to your Creator for giving you to me. I’m sorry, baby, for the ways I complained about being pregnant again when I was so overwhelmed that first trimester.  I’m sorry I doubted your Maker, and thought He was being so harsh on me with having three young ones already. I’m sorry for wailing about my fatigue and my inability to do anything but lay in bed and let the Lord of Life knit you together in my womb. You took every ounce of energy out of me when you were being built.  It was really hard. But you were worth it….worth every bit of it.

I love you, sweet boy.

Love, Mommy






**click on pictures so see them enlarged. oh, and stop oohing and aahing, you’re distracted the other people in the office. 🙂