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From the Mouthes of Babes…#2

If we were doing superlatives in this Iverson family, Trinity would surely win one for saying the most amusing and convicting things…

Today while Trinity was wiping down the table she was singing while she worked…

OH! how I love  Jesus!!

oh, HOW I love Jesus!!

oh, how I love Jesus!!

oh, how I LOVE Jesus!!

oh, how I love JESUS!!!

(Evidently, I need to teach her the rest of the song)

And her prayer the other day at breakfast:

“Thank you, God, for LOTS of food….and commandments!

(I’m sure God doesn’t hear THAT one too frequently)

And her breakfast prayer the day before the big yard sale,

“Please, God, help us get forty thousand monies for our new cousins at the yard sale”

(She has some BOLD faith! 🙂 )