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Thoughts on our Japan Trip

As I watched the Church in Japan come together to serve the needs of their neighbors after the earthquake and tsunami I was amazed at the power of Jesus’ love and grace in the midst of such a tragedy.  The sacrifice and availability of God’s people was so encouraging. Denominations uniting, neighbors sharing, praying and giving to help those in need.  One day, a church we partnered with was able to feed over 1000 people!  It was encouraging to see people selflessly spending themselves for God’s Glory and the joy and healing of those who need it most.  What a joy to be a part of such an adventure.  Thank you for partnering with us and making this trip possible!  Through the gifts of some pretty amazing and generous people we were able to raise nearly $115,000.00!  I am grateful for your prayers and sacrifices that have contributed to reaching the second largest unreached people group on the planet and a people very dear to my heart.  All of it has and is being invested in assisting and empowering the local churches we partnered with while we were there.  We are helping them help their communities and bear witness to the Gospel in this time of need.  It was amazing to be a part of that, even though my heart was breaking the whole time as I saw the brokenness and need for hope.  That is why we went and that is why the global church must now, more than ever, unite and seek to empower and assist the local Church in Japan to continue to serve and impact their country spiritually, physically and emotionally.

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