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From the mouthes of babes…

This morning I was reading Acts 13 4-12 to the kids at breakfast.  Its the story of the Jewish sorcerer opposing Paul when he was trying to share the Gospel with the proconsul.  Paul “let’s ’em have it” and when I get to those parts I tend to be a little animated when I read.

When I was done, Daniel Josiah said, “Paul was good at yelling.  He got good pratciss. (we’re still working on the pronunciation of ‘practice’) First he yelled at the people who believed in Jesus….(contemplative pause)…. and then he yelled at the people who didn’t believe in Him.’

Yes, my child, Paul was good at “yelling” I guess. And often God takes our pagan yellings and he turns our passions around and conforms them to His will and we start yelling for Jesus.  Just like the yelling Saul who became the preaching Paul.