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How to Successfully Kill a Blog-in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1– make a blog using iWeb and then have your computer crash.  Been there, done that-3 years ago.

Step 2-write about hard topics that offend the people you live around.  Been there, done that– 1 month ago.

Step 3-forget to renew your domain name, and have missionaries in Haiti take it, thus leaving you blogging into cyberspace with no address for people to find it. Just did it.

Having just taught you how to crucify your blogging efforts, I would now like to announce my NEW web address for my blog. hahem! (drum roll, please)…

yah, I know, its practically the same as it was before, but darn it, I was rather fond of my old address and it’s a bummer I can’t have it any more…so this is the next closest thing that was available! And by the way, if you actually click on it, it will just take you right back to what you are reading right now.

So, all six of you who actually follow my blog, please take some time to bookmark the new address, or better yet, subscribe!