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God uses persons….

Danny and I upon our knees

crying out to the God of the Universe

for our city, for those kids.

Where is your heart for Newark, Lord??

Clear as day,

He says,

I put it in you.

This is why I weep,

this is why I mourn.

This is why I will not rest,

but am driven to my knees

and then to action.

God who is a Spirit,

used a Person,

to fight back sin, suffering, death, and hell.

That Person resurrected,

and now, His Spirit

is sent,

into many persons.

To fight back sin, and suffering, and pain

with His power, with His heart.

So now, I, as a person,

indwelt by the Spirit of the greatest Person,

will weep,

will mourn,

will be propelled to action.

I have been given a new heart, His heart.

Because God uses a Person inside of  persons.