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I love you bigger…

I love you bigger….than mudprints you just left all over my newly mopped floor.

I love you bigger….than the noise level you  bring to our home.

I love you bigger….than the temper tantrum you just had in the middle of the grocery check-out line.

I love you bigger…than being on-time to all the places I need to get to.

I love you bigger….than ever being “caught up” with housework.

I love you bigger…than having the sense of accomplishing something that stays accomplished.

I love you bigger…than the feeling of being recognized for my hard work and sacrifice.

I love you bigger…than an immediate, tangible, visible “contribution to the Kingdom” which I could gaze upon.

I love you bigger than all these inconveniences and frustrations, for you are are little souls, little creative minds, little bundles of energy that bring so much LIFE and fullness to my days.

I love you bigger, for Someone has loved me bigger.  Because, lets face it kiddos, apart from a Spirit-work, this Mt. Rushmore of SELF in your mama, with all its carved images just doesn’t move easily.  And those images of cleanliness and organization, of free time, of my pride out in public, of my convenience, of being in control, of feeling significant….they don’t move too easily.  But the Everlasting Father has loved me bigger than my temper tantrums, my obstinate self-reliance, my godlessness and He’s intervened His Son into this messy whirlwind of my sin. And He’s destined me to glory.  So, as the breath of His Spirit moves through me, that Mt. Rushmore starts to crumble, ever so slowly.

And guess what anvil He is using to chip away those images carved into stone?

He’s using YOU.

And all those things you do to force me to make a choice over what I will love bigger,

they are the means by which He is doing it.

Thank you, sweet ones.