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From the Mouths of Babes…


I would have missed it.

I would have missed it if I hadn’t silenced the bombardment of to-do’s that came rushing through my brain while I read the ONE (and ONLY one, because I-don’t-have-time-to-take-up-nap-time-reading-books-to-you-for-pete’s-sake) to them. I would have missed it, if I “just didn’t have time” to respond to the curly headed, dimpled  faced two year old’s request, “you sleep wit me, Mommy?”. I would have missed it, if I had not asked the Lord to make a bottom bunk a sacred place of prayer instead of my preferred spot, on my knees in my room with the door shut.

I would have missed it, if I had not crawled into that uncomfortable bunk and cuddled up next to that sweet little boy, and stared into those big brown eyes.  They stared back, then fingers slowly removed from mouth and a whisper came.

“Mommy, I yuv Got”

“What, honey?”

“Mommy, I yuv GOT”.

was annunciated more slowly from that two year old’s lips.

and my heart swells,

at the first glimmer of the Holy Spirit’s work in this babe-turning-boy-on-the-warpath-against-every-imaginary-monster (and sometimes, sibling). This child that I have prayed for.

And to think, that the trash needing emptying, and the boxes needing unpacking, and the emails needing checking would have shouted out that little two year old’s voice….or at least my availability to hear it.

“Mommy, I love God”