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From the Mouths of Babes…

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No request is too small, with a Savior that put human skin on.  For the God-man who himself had to be potty-trained at one point, a busy Mamma’s and a curly headed three year old’s  askings for help is not too trivial.  Simple requests for remembering to “go potty in the big potty” are not beyond His scope of influence.  And those requests were answered, in a week’s time.  Much to that busy Mamma’s thankfulness….and relief.

And in the mean time, curly headed Benjamin said some pretty funny things.

Like, when we were finishing our business in the bathroom before Daddy was going to pick us up to go somewhere.

“Hurry, Benjamin!  I just heard Daddy pull up!”

“Moooommmyyyy! You so silly! Daddy not wear pull-ups!! Daddy wear unduwahr!”

And, when we were past the pull-up stage and he marches out in his oh-so-fine superhero underwear…and says matter of factly.

“I Superman. I ha Superman unduwahr.”

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And then, today….I’m in an important meeting and I get a text from the nursery worker…

“Did you know that Benjamin doesn’t have underwear on?  We’re going to put a pull up on him, if thats OK…”


You win some.

And you lose some.

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Seriously, Mom? You’re gonna talk about my potty training on the internet?!?