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A Public New Year’s Resolution Confession

If it’s up here, I won’t find a crumpled piece of paper next October, only to say “Oh, I completely forgot about this!”

If it’s up here, its easy for me to access (and be reminded!)

If it’s up here, there is some public accountability.

If it’s up here, its been thought through, prayed over, typed out and committed to the Lord.

Commit your way to the Lord;
trust in him and he will do this:
He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn,
your vindication like the noonday sun.

Psalm 37:5-6

Not that I believe there is a  magic formula in New Year’s Resolutions, but I do agree with Zig Ziglar’s quote

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time”

So here I am, aiming at something, and even if I don’t accomplish all of it, I know I will have at least moved towards these goals. And the joyous thing is, that despite a day of failure or a string of days of failure, my ultimate hope is not in my steadfastness, but in His. Not in my power and strength to accomplish, but in His, made available to be lived out through my life because of the death and resurrection of His.

(Jesus) Christ in me, hope of glory, hope for 2014.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
his mercies never come to an end;
 they are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:23-24


1. Read through the entire Bible in 2014

2. Daily be discipled by Ian Thomas through his book, The Indwelling Life of Christ

3. Pray like Daniel did. Three set times a day. (What prayer leads a person into is unknowable. But what IS knowable is it will be a great adventure of availability to the King)

4. Get back to the managers of their homes schedule.  A schedule doesn’t mean fitting more in, but carving more out, time out for reading, playing with, teaching, and cuddling small people.

5. Find creative ways EVERY DAY to build my husband up with my words

6. Read to my children

7. Resume our family Scripture Memory Plan, that had to be trashed (literally) during our mold crisis.

8. Let this age old diet dictate our family’s eating habits, that we might eat to live.

9. Continue oil pulling, use of essential oils, and Juice Plus to keep healthy.

10.  Exercise three times a week


1. Bring a new child into our home and family.

2. Finish the book, I’m co-authoring with a friend, and (at least) self publish.

3. Blog weekly about the adventures of family life and ministry the Lord leads us into.

4. Listen long enough (with my husband) to know where and how God is leading us to start a whole new type of church planting movement in the inner city Atlanta area.

5. Move into this calling.

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The crew that I get to bring the new year in with…

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