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Introducing Iver-eight

This unexpected child, but perfectly expected and planned by the best Family Planner known to history, has already broken me. over.and.over.and. over.

The life-exchanged-for-life that is going on over in this Iverson household, has not been pretty, but in the mess of it all, new life, not just this sixth child’s life, but a life of perseverance and a life of character building and a life of continual repentance to my husband, kids and Heavenly Father has been growing.

And this week, we were able to have our first introduction to this new little person.  A person who I’ve met in exhaustion,  and sickness and fluttering kicks and sharp jabs, but who I got to “meet” visually,  thanks to modern day technology.  And I am in love. And the times this week that the growing of this little person has landed me on the bed…or couch…or floor, I have a real person, with a name, to talk to, pray for, and say

“You, my child, are worth it.”

And as I do so, I savor Jesus saying, “Father forgive them.” while He hung dying on the cross. A bold declaration of,

“You, my child, are worth it.”

I’m so thankful for the tiniest taste of that suffering which brings new life, for it makes my new life in Jesus so much more appreciated.
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Front shot of our new child's face

Front shot of our new child’s face, arms and belly

The source of all those sharp kicks

The source of all those sharp kicks

Some strong little legs....

Some strong little legs….

My fourth SON is the culprit of the physical, emotional, and mental hurricane I've been in for these past 24 weeks!

My fourth SON is the culprit of the physical, emotional, and mental hurricane I’ve been in for these past 24 weeks!

And I SWORE it was going to be a girl!!! Chalk it up to my excellent mothering instinct, but this little girl that I thought was growing in my womb was actually our fourth son, Judah Iverson (middle name yet to be determined).

The technician probably thought I was crazy, A. for being pregnant with our sixth child and B. For flipping out on that examining table…”What?!!?!? Are you sure? This is crazy!! I just KNEW we were having a girl!” (Its a good thing we found out ahead of time, this time)

Upon our return home, everyone was excited….

except for my five year old daughter, who promptly burst into tears.

“But I wanted a GIRL!!! I don’t want a BOY! Boys are so MEAN!”

Danny snagged it on video, but she doesn’t want us to show people because she’s embarrassed about all the tears. So, to honor her, just take my word for it….its pretty funny, I mean heart-wrenching.




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  • onetuffmama on May 11, 2014

    I cried too when I found out that one of my brothers was a boy and not a girl. I always wished for a sister. But I was so happy to meet and hold my little brother and declared “He can’t help being a boy”. I’m so thankful for my brothers!

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