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Celebrate! Grove Park – June update


Our once-a-month Grove Park Celebration flyer. Prayer walking the streets and passing out flyers always brings about new relationships and fun stories

Celebrate! Grove Park is a monthly gathering of the different house churches and community members who partner with us to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our neighborhood. We meet at one of our partner Churches in the community.

If your walk with God is starting to dull, start prayer walking your streets.  Every time we go, there are stories of God ordaining our feet in amazing ways.  On one of our most recent walks, a woman drives pasts us while we are knocking at a friend’s door to remind her about Celebrate!Grove Park, and then circles around and comes back to us, “Hi, we’re looking for a place to live here in this community and something told me to turn around and come ask you.”  We ended up talking about how God led us to our neighborhood and what has been going on there.  We ended up praying there together, right in the middle of the street, and then connecting her with our partnering housing ministry that is managing properties currently being renovated for families just like hers.

And in the meantime the service team, was busy at work planning the rich time we were about to experience in June’s community gathering.


And can I just say that these meetings are so entertaining, fun, and productive as a group of us crosses cultural, socio-economic, and racial divides to be about one thing: inviting Jesus into our midst, so that our neighbors whom we invite get to taste His goodness in our monthly gatherings.  The people that God has raised up to lead this venture are incredible and I enjoy them so much! Dexter was so full of stories of growing up in Grove Park, the former “glory” that it was, and his vision for opening up the local recreation center, gathering coaches, and collecting kids to “Git’em off dese streets.”

The gathering of our family and community is always a sweet one

The gathering of our family and community is always a sweet one and we see a sweet unity growing amongst the different colors, cultures and classes that God draws.


The worship team was INCREDIBLE this month. For years, we have been praying that God would draw His anointed worship leaders together to “lead the assembly” in praises to the King.  God has indeed answered… abundance.


Kids are included in all of the actives these nights, as they are an integral part of the community here.

Judah helped me take pictures

Judah masterfully helped capture the moment on Kimberly’s phone…


After worship, we EAT, before we have the sermon and communion.  Every time there is a slight panic over having enough food, and every time Jesus multiplies the loaves and we end up having plates to send home with people.


Oh my sweet Melanie.  This woman is a God-send to me.  She is such a hard worker, such a fun soul, and such a good manager of our kitchen. She told me her main goal was to run things so that I don’t have to stress out. Her life and friendship is such a sweet gift to me.


We love these guys and their tender and fun hearts.

God is working in our community in a powerful way and we are so thankful and privileged to be able to share life with our amazing neighbors and watch God form friendships and partnerships that are giving us all a preview of what the City of peace to come will be like when sin and death are finally eradicated as Christ’s Glory covers the earth and we finally can fully flourish.

Please continue to pray for us as we engage in all the summer outreaches and activities God has been calling us and our team into. Pray for July 10th as we have another Celebrate! Grove Park and baptize new believers and covenant children.


****Bonus Material****

Judah’s Photoshoot


Whoever captured this picture, was quite.on.point. A blur with a  baby on the hip.

 The entire day was very full, and very much a blur….but a rich, joyful one.

And…my Judah.

He deserves his own photo shoot.

The Easter Sunrise service….he runs to the front (from WAY in the back) and starts dancing on stage during the worship.

And Pastor Larry tag-teamed with him (lwith a little help from Judah)

Last month, He got up and helped preach during the sermon

IMG_3182.JPGAnd this month he marches up to the front and starts doing his own photo shoot of the event.


The kid was busy trying to snap pictures with my phone, but paused to turn around and flash a proud smile.


Taking a break from his “photo shoot”.


“Com’on guys, clap your hands!”