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How to STAY where God puts you

Ever since I was sixteen I wanted to go. After this happened, and the Lord literally lifted me out of the miry pit of depression, and gave me a firm place to stand, He put a new song in my mouth… And I wanted to sing it to the ends of the earth. And all […]

Never Heard

Blank stares met the mention of his name. Again, I asked, have you heard of him? Just a few blinks. and the shake of a head. Never heard of my Best Friend.  Never heard of my Encourager. Never heard of my Daily Strength. Never heard of the One who spoke the universe into existence, and […]

And the Children Came…

A Part II of Let the Children Come “WHY am I doing this?!? Why did I think running a kids club by myself was a good idea?!?” I wonder as, 30 minutes before Kids Club is supposed to start, I am cleaning up INCHES of water in my bathroom due to the kids climbing on […]

Let the children come….

“No” She said it calmly and resolutely. “Come on, sweetheart, all my kids have to go in to go to bed now. I need to take you home.” “No” Again, just as calmly and firmly as before. I had seen her a couple of days earlier, riding her tricycle around followed by her sari-draped grandmother. […]

As we fast….

As we go into our weekend of fasting for Newark, NJ and the ministry of Safe Haven there, I wanted to include some practical helps and ways we can be approaching the Lord on behalf of this city. First of all, the fast will be lasting for 48 hours (Friday 7pm-Sunday 7pm)  and we are […]

New friends from 3 different continents

Libyans from Africa. Saudi Arabians from the Middle East. Italians from Europe. Taiwanese from Asia.  The world was gathered in our home. And I am so thankful to be a part of it. I met Jesus in it. As a follow-up to my recent conviction about being moved by the Spirit, I put aside my […]

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