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How to STAY where God puts you

Ever since I was sixteen I wanted to go. After this happened, and the Lord literally lifted me out of the miry pit of depression, and gave me a firm place to stand, He put a new song in my mouth… And I wanted to sing it to the ends of the earth. And all […]

God Hears, God speaks

God’s been hearing the cries for help from a desperately exhausted 8-month-pregnant mamma of four little ones. ┬áLast week, too tired to move by the time dinner hour came along, my family’s nutritional intake was painfully lacking. Dinner Menu: Monday:free kids meals from Chic-fil-a (boy, did they lose money on THAT family night) Tuesday: bowls […]

Fourteen years ago, today…

Fourteen years ago, today, when I was struggling to figure out who on earth I was, I lost from earth the woman who was helping make me who I am. And since I’m so busy raising (and growing within me) her grandchildren, I haven’t had time to really write anything to or about her, so […]